**Special Annoucement:  The Kibbe museum will be delayed in its annual reopening due to construction.  Our new date to reopen to the public will be on 1 April 2015.  Additionally, the Kibbe museum will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the ending of the Civil War with special activities on 18 April 2015.  A General U. S. Grant impersonator will appear at 3:00 PM on the 18th, presenting “Grant Takes Command”, and again at 5:00 PM, presenting “Appomattox and a New Birth of Freedom”.  In addition there will be a Lincoln impersonator and Civil War reenactors will be present throughout the afternoon to answer questions of uniforms, weapons, etc.  Admission remains free, but donations are gladly accepted.**

The Kibbe Museum is located in Carthage, Illinois and houses a collection of artifacts relating to the history of Hancock County and western Illinois.  In addition, the museum also recently acquired the former collection of the Illinois Funeral Director’s Funeral Customs Museum. This world-class collection documents the material and social history of the mortuary profession and American funeral customs.

Long view toward the surgeon’s tent.

Museum exhibits cover the varied aspects of life in western Illinois from the early frontier days through the early 20th century.  Our approach to exhibit design permits closer viewing of most artifacts than you will normally experience in other museums.  Many of our volunteers are retired teachers who delight in leading school-aged youngsters on tours that are both entertaining and educational.