Moving into new digs

Construction of the new wing is complete and now the fun begins — many exhibits are being moved (and updated and expanded in the process) and several new exhibits are in varying stages of development.  We are excited to be pulling major portions of our collection out of storage.

Here are just a few photos of the work in progress to whet your appetite:

The post office exhibit is among those under expansion and updating; to the rear, the dollhouse collection has more space so that visitors can examine these small figures in greater detail.


The medical and dental section is also being expanded.  To the far wall, you can see that the quilts and weaving exhibit is also moving.


An important component of our expansion was the addition of a handicapped-accessible entrance to the newer parts of the building.DSC_0446

We have a tremendous amount of religious history in our collection, and now we have a dedicated space in which to display it.  This pulpit is from the Methodist church in Augusta, IL and was originally installed in the Pulaski Methodist Church.  The mount you see to the right of the pulpit was added to the base at some point in order to accommodate the increasing height of ministers over time.DSC_0447

The military section — already chock full of history dating back to the Civil War — is gaining a second section.  The shy gentleman in the red shirt is our military historian and a retired history professor.  He devotes many, many hours to the military collection.


The museum re-opens March 1st.  Be sure to come see what’s new!


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