Call for artifacts


With construction of the new wing completed, the Kibbe Museum is a hive of activity with new exhibits under development and older exhibits undergoing update and expansion. Plans include new sections on religious history, barns, agriculture, schools, and banking. The Lincoln, military, textile, and natural history sections are also growing, with new items (plus others long hidden in storage due to lack of space) making a debut.

You can help the museum by considering the gift of artifacts to help round out the exhibits. In particular, we are in search of:

· Church pew, stained glass window, and memorabilia (for example, photographs, programs, fans). Vestments and other religious clothing are also needed.

· LDS (Mormon)-related artifacts of all kinds.

· Barn siding (to side an exhibit wall)

· Schools (photographs, textbooks, classroom objects)

· Banking (photographs, ledgers, tools of the trade)

· Lincoln-related artifacts of all kinds.

The Kibbe Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Hancock County and its citizens. Donations to the museum are tax-deductible. To discuss making a donation, please call any of the following people: Howard Perry (357-2065), Dick Reed (357-3355), Jackie Adkins (357-2012) or send an email to Kim Nettles at


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