Current exhibits at the Kibbe — what’s new and updated.


Several entirely new exhibits were launched for 2009: barns, railroads, education, churches, the general store, and agriculture. 

The barn exhibit includes a set of delightful and informative photographs of barns located throughout Hancock County.  Form follows function and all barns are not the same.  The exhibit also includes recovered siding and timbers and barn yard artifacts.





 The railroad exhibit was made possible by the generosity of a private collector and was supplemented by photographs and emphemera from the Kibbe. 

Rail transportation was once extensive throughout the state and was relied upon both for transporting agricultural products and for regional commuting.

The exhibit includes maps, station photographs, timetables, and tools of the railroading trade.



DSC_0069The new education exhibit includes artifacts from county schoolrooms and includes evidence that children once indeed had to walk uphill to school both ways. 






  The church section includes photographs and artifacts from county churches, including history on several that have sinced closed or merged with other congregations.





 Mabel’s General Store includes a beautiful (and heavy!) cast iron stove for heating, signs, and a trip down memory lane of food, sundries, and cure-alls.





In addition to the new exhibits, several other areas have been re-designed to include new information and artifacts: 


 The textile collection was cleaned and re-hung.






 The medical exhibit contains both local history and documentation of the evolution of medicine. 





DSC_0060The geode collection was signifcantly expanded through the donation of a private estate.




DSC_0056The fashion history area was updated with an examination of the reformation movement in women’s clothing.





DSC_0053The Lincoln exhibit was exapded with artifcats relating to his visits to Hancock County.




DSC_0051The military section has also undergone significant updating and expansion.  Hancock County residents have served in conflicts dating back to the Spanish-American War and there is a surprising amount of military history connected to the area.  One of our most prized acquisitions this year is the working uniform of a Union officer who served from Tennessee through Sherman’s March to the Sea.


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