All hands on deck: an online exhibit

(Click on the image above to start the slideshow. Once the show starts, click on any image to view the captions.)

The Kibbe Museum is pleased to place online a permanent archive of U.S. Navy photographs taken during World War II. These images were the collection of Commander Raymon Powell. Raymon Powell served as a Marine in World War I and as a Navy Commander in World War II. During World War II, he was assigned to North Atlantic convoy escort duty and as base commander in New York City. The collection was donated to the museum by his son-in-law, Charles Grigsby, Jr., who also served in the North Atlantic as an engineer aboard a destroyer escort.

About the collection: The bulk of the photos were taken in the Pacific, but other subjects such as U-boat action, submarine training, and blimp operations are included. Many of the photos were taken as a series for a particular event or public affairs shoot aboard a ship; where possible, the photos have been sorted into sets by related images. Each photo is listed by the original serial number (where discernable) and includes the captions written by Navy public affairs officers. In some cases, additional information about these images is available from other sites, in which case it is listed along with a link in either the set or image notes.

The slideshow is hosted here. Once the show starts, you can click on any image to view the captions. You can also visit the Kibbe Museum Flickr image archive to view individual images.

Please let us know what you think of this exihbit, either here or at the image archive. Your feedback is very important to us.


2 thoughts on “All hands on deck: an online exhibit

  1. Wonderful, stirring pictures of one of America’s finest hours.
    Where can I find the photo of the Chief and Ensign on the back of
    the smaller USN or Coast Guard ship while the Y-Gun fires depth charges, nearly over their heads?
    The two are calmly smoking a cigarette about 6 feet from the gun, with two charges just leaving the launcher. I want that pic for my Coast Guard retirement memento wall. It circulated back in the mid-80s in some military magazines, but I’ve not been able to find it. It is the consummate leadership picture.

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