Lincoln exhibit now open!

Honor detail from the Southeast Iowa Civil War roundtable transfer the Lincoln casket under the guidance of funeral directors Bruce Leathem and Rod Cookson.

The grand opening ceremony was a rousing success!  Over 350 people stood in reflective silence as the replica of President Lincoln’s casket was transferred from the horse-drawn hearse to the East Room of the White House.   The pouring rain provided a somber atmosphere during the arrival ceremony, but inside it was all smiles and many positive comments as visitors experienced the exhibit for the first time.


6 thoughts on “Lincoln exhibit now open!

  1. Just watched Sister Wives and as LDS Members, my husband and I were extremely disappointed you refused admittance to the Brown family because they were polygamists. As with gays and others, you love who they are, not what they do, you are not better than anyone in this world and had no right to refuse them admittace. Prejudice is wrong, you should be setting examples in this world.

    • The family was not refused admittance. The museum was contacted by the “tour guide,” not the family, about participating in filming for the series. The museum declined, but said the family was welcome to visit. The guide stated that the family would not want to come if cameras could not follow.

    • The previous follow-up comment is completely correct. As the employee who was working that day the museum policy was not to allow filming but everyone was welcome to tour the museum-they were not interested in doing so.

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