Meet the intern: Nathan (Jamie) Pierce

Nathan Pierce, WIU intern and re-enactor for a day, awaits the arrival of the hearse bearing Lincoln’s casket.

Nathan Pierce is our second intern this Spring from Western Illinois University, and will be returning this summer to conduct a longer, more intensive special project on Civil War veterans of Hancock County.

Nathan graduated from Hamilton High School in 1997 and joined the Army, serving as a Calvary Scout for three years.  After that he joined the National Guard in Quincy and pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology , which he earned in 2006.  He recently moved back to this area to work toward his Master’s degree in History at Western Illinois University.

His project consists of illuminating the careers of Hancock County Civil War veterans at the Kibbe Museum. We have recovered a significant number of photos and information on local veterans. Through additional research into the records of the Hancock County Historical Society, regional archives, and tracking down the descendants of these soldiers, Nathan’s work is  bringing to life stories long forgotten.  While the project is still in its infancy, the initial work was enough to develop a wall of honor for Hancock County veterans in the new Lincoln exhibit, as well as a post-war reflection on their lives.

During the summer of 2012, Nathan will work on a descriptive analysis of the Kibbe’s collection of records relating to the soldiers of  the 118th Illinois Infantry and transcribing the memoirs of Colonel John Fonda, the regimental commander.

Wall of Honor for Hancock County veterans of the Civil War.


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