Classical Education


A prep school for Carthage College

Excerpt from a brochure for the Carthage Classical Institute, a coed preparatory school for Carthage College, Illinois. Dated 4 Sept 1871.

 From a banquest, 4 May, 1882, the humorous opening:

“The Carthage Classical School — It has its birth in a dingy little upper room all hollow, hollow, hollow.  That room was located at a point bisecting the base of an isoceles triangle at whose vertex stood the great and massive capitol of Hancock County, and at one the extremity of whose base stood her magnificent prison house, whilst at the other was located the famous and popular visitation catalouged at Pete Foster’s saloon.

Following the periphery of this triangle the route previously led without interruption from the saloon to the court-house thence to the jail, thence, if desired, back to the saloon.  We planted ourselves squarely upon this route, and broke the current.  The usual starting and supply point had been the saloon, but George Anderson started from the jail.  He was heading toward Pete Foster’s when he ran headlong up that well remembered steep stairway which led directly to wisdom and greatness – By special permission of the sheriff Browning, George was permitted for months to oscillate between the jail and our headquarters like a grand old confuscating pendulum. ”

The joking reference to George Anderson may be in reference to Rev. C. Anderson, listed in 1871 as one of the commissioners. 

Founded in 1870, the school had educated over 100o students by 1882, according to the text of the banquet notes just cited.  In 1871, tuition was $11 per semester.