1931 Bill Dispute Page 1

Billing disputes are as old as mankind, and women have been trying to help out their menfolk for just as long.  The disputed amount, $8.50, is equivalent to about $111 in 2009 dollars.


Nauvoo, Illinois —  April 22, 1931

Dear Mr. Seigfried:-

  Leonard Pagers and you are having trouble over $8.50 which at first you claimed he still owed on the Ford Roadster.  Now it is on a garage bill or labor.  Leonard says he has paid it and you say not.  I don’t know any thing about it, but I try to be fair and I want to see that this bill is paid, so there will be no trouble at all.  I am Leonard Pager’s girl, so I am hoping this leaves me a good name.  It is not my place to pay this bill, but if Leonard really owes it or not I am paying his bill anyway.  Mr. Weeks was out to see Leonard Pagers the other day, he also gave him a slip of paper which told him to appear at Burnside the twenthy-fifth day of this month.  I hope this trouble will all be over with.  I am Tom Mapes’ daughter.  Please let me hear if you get the money.

Sincerely yours,

Rosalie Mapes

Nauvoo, IL