Museum Hours and Directions

The Kibbe Museum is open for the hours listed below and is also open by advance appointment.  Advance notice of large groups during normal hours is appreciated, but not required.  To schedule a tour or special appointment, please call  217-357-9552.

Admission is free, although donations are gratefully accepted.


Sunday 1-4 pm, Tuesday – Saturday 12-4 pm.  CLOSED on Mondays, Easter Sunday and major holidays. 

We also are glad to open by appointment!  Call 217-357-9552 to schedule an appointment.


The museum is located at 306 Walnut Street, Carthage Illinois, 1 block south of Highway 136, just south of the Historic Carthage Jail.  A map and driving directions are available here.


14 thoughts on “Museum Hours and Directions

  1. In the article about Cmdr. Carlin his place of birth is somewhat vague. Are you referring to Carthage square or some other square?

  2. Hi Maureen
    This is Ruth B. remember me from school. Worked there. The Museum regular hours starting March 1 are 1-4 Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I’m here on Monday and Friday . 11-4 Monday and 10-4 on Friday. Come see us. Know you would love this place. Ruth B.

  3. Hi There
    I’m a Canadian independent producer working on a Tv documentary (SATURNIA, for OMNI Television) about Italian immigration in Canada after WWII, and I’m looking for public domain pictures of war boats.
    I’ve found dome some of the Kibbe’s Muesum pictures amazing, and I was considering to use 3 or 4 of them in my film. Flickr says that I can count on free commercial use for those pictures, but I want to make sure that it is true.
    Please let me know if I can use some of the pictures of the Kibbe’s Museum photo-stream in my documentary.

    Thank you very much

    Ferdinando Dell’Omo

    STILL OCEAN Films Inc.
    (1) 647 773 8603

  4. Prejudice is ugly! The kids got to see how people hate them first hand! Do you “vet” everyone’s belief system before you let them into a museum in a country built on individual freedom? Who are you people to say what is right and wrong. History, in America is your business and not the way people choose to live! Good luck with your donations.

    • The family was not refused admittance. The museum was contacted by the “tour guide,” not the family, about participating in filming for the series. The museum declined, but said the family was welcome to visit. The guide stated that the family would not want to come if cameras could not follow.

    • I was working that day and the family was not denied admission despite what you may have seen on the television show.

  5. I repair Bibles and other Precious Books.

    Website: BookMan-Jim{.}Biz
    Email: Jim@BookMan-Jim{.}Biz

    I would love to send you a poster for your bulletin board.
    Just send your street address to the above email.

    Thank you,
    Jim [THE Book Man]

  6. Trying to locate a relative’s headstone that was at the Springfield location. We were wondering if we could get it back since they moved.

      • Hi
        I am in possession of an original USS VANDALIA CREW CAP with the name USS VANDALIA & ANCHOR INSIGNIA. ITS NOT in the best of shape, since it has survived over between 127-140 years old! Plus being in salt air, salt water etc!
        My question is what is it’s worth! I have photos of it if you are interested. I’m thinking it should be framed in a shadow box for preservation and in a Museum.
        Your thoughts?
        Thanking you in advance

  7. Hi again
    Kindly send your email address and I will send photos of the original cap from the Crew of the USS VANDALIA
    AND/ or if your Museum might be interested?
    Thanking you

  8. I saw that the museum is having a quilt show in July. I have at least 2 Hancock co quilts – one was quilted by the Presbyterian church ladies in Fountain Green, possibly the last one quilted by them, a quilt stated by Gladys Bainter of Webster, my maternal grandmother, in 1939, and finished by my paternal grandmother, Marie Shirey, later. There is also a crocheted child’s coverlet that had old English script which is well over 125 years old. Done by a lady in Webster. I have more including a crazy quilt by My Grandmother Shirey’s mother. This is not dated by I know who quilted it. Would you be interested? I would be able to bring them to the museum. Gloria Shirey Brown

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